Solution Consulting

If your need assistance in making decision for ICT interments, we can work with you to evaluate your operations, then, provide you with practical advices and ICT investment options. Our suggestions provide you all necessary information to make an objective decision on optimizing your business operation.

Business Application

A business application tool can help to support and manage your business efficiently. You might find that systems available in the market could not serve your unique needs or you want to upgrade your existing system and give it a face lift; We could solve your problems by studying your requirements, then designing and deploying a Customized Information System that would fully be tailored to suit your business need.

Software Development Outsourcing

VSV being a flexible company, is keen on designating an offshore development center, where facility, infrastructure, and human resources can be tailored to a business model to matching your unique needs as a contractor or partner. With experience in software development and competence in communicating with international partners, we can set up together with you a production chain in software development that brings you the most competitive advantages.

Interactive Information Portal
A commercial website is very important to your business. It presents your business and organization information to the word. We can provide you with various options on commercial website solution as well as implementing options, so that it could be deployed in the most efficient manner.

An e-Commerce website allows you to offer and broaden your services. We can work with you for a better, more successful implementation of an e-Commerce portal to attract more customers and to generate more revenue for your business.

For your corporate standard information like the Intranet and Extranet, we are also to offer you a range of various solutions and suggestions that best match your corporate requirements on contents and information.

Total Business Solution

The ICT infrastructure is generally considered as the backbone of most organization. Basically, it requires huge investment, involves intensive efforts and IT skills. We are able to work with you to look at what systems are suitable to your business, how to integrate those system together, and what systems should be customized to serve your business needs. The deployment of the new ICT infrastructure could also be our tasks.

In short, our total business solution could serve exactly what your business needs, and for reasonable investment.