Approach & Experience

Our approach is to understand your needs first and foremost. By comprehending your individual needs and requirements, we will be able to offer you the advice needed and the alternatives to obtain the optimal business and technology solution. With our extensive experience, we could also be able to minimize your risks in deploying new technology to support your business.

Rigorous Project Management

This is our key success and competence. With our determined commitments towards customer service, our Project Management Methodology ensures satisfaction of stakeholders, practical planning, close follows-up, strict quality controls and proactive risk mitigation in projects / solutions.

Quality System

With our commitment to deliver only the excellent products and services to you, our standard for software development process is underpinned in a Software Quality Manual (SQM), which is a living set of documents that describe our professional activities. By following and continuously improving this corporate standard, we have been building up our capability and maturity in a consistent way that allows us to develop ourselves to reach CMMI level 3 in a near future. As a result, we could provide higher quality products and services to you.

Human Resource Management

Besides providing a comfortable working environment to our team members, we always aim to obtain more interesting and challenging projects from your businesses in order to give our staff the opportunity to gain more inspiration in advancing their skills and knowledge to move forward in their career development in terms of business, technology as well as methodology know-how. This accelerates higher motivation, greater performance and better results from every single team members. We aim for our staff to reach their optimum levels of performance and maximum potential.