Recruitment Opportunities

We are currently running a Recruitment Program for the following positions:
     System Analyst
     Project Leader
     Software Engineer.
Please send your application to (CV, 1 picture, certificates and transcripts).


Training & Development

We provide trainings to our employees through both on the job and formal trainings. Our job re-allocations allow people to develop their skills in many work specializations. Regularly setting up objectives for them to contribute their efforts brings up their motivation to improve themselves.


Working Environment

Besides the good infrastructure, naturally we comprise of young people that create a dynamic culture and fun at work and after work all together. In this young atmosphere, people can work with each other in an open manner that suite for good communication and team spirit.



80% of the management had graduated from Australia, Thailand and Indonesia in both technology and management fields. 100% of developers are engineers and had graduated from well-known universities in Vietnam. 70% of all staffs are able to use English at intermediate level and above. 40% of staffs have more than 5 years of experience.